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The Future of Doping and Sports is Considered in New Eye-Opening Book

Using anecdotes, personal stories, and his expert opinions and insights, Pound will take this issue on with his usual straight talk and candor.

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With doping charges leveled at athletes in baseball, cycling, and in the Olympics, cheating has, to many onlookers, become the norm in pro sports. He went on to win four medals–a gold, a bronze, and two silvers–at the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Richard W. He is a past president, director, and executive committee member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.. No longer an issue that can be ignored by any country or any sport, doping is, according to Dick Pound, “one of the most important and difficult problems that sport will have to overcome in the future.” The chair of WADA, Pound is the authority in the world on doping in sports, and a passionate and outspoken advocate for upholding the ideals of fair play in an intensely competitive environment. Fighting for a doping-free culture in the world of sports is Pounds cause célèbre. Pound is the founder and chair of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), an independent foundation created in 1999 to promote and coordinate the fight against doping in sport internationally. He served as the Chair of the Coordination Commission for the 1996 Olympic Games, and as a director of the Organizing Committee for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta. Inside Dope goes beyond the world of sports to touch on much broader social issues. Professional sports, leagues, and athletes are now being thrust into the doping spotlight that has been shone on Olympic athletes for years. It was partly because of Pound’s investigation of the Salt Lake City bribery scandal that new regulations and an ethics watchdog to oversee interaction between IOC members and bidding cities were created. He was also Chairman of the IOC Television Negotiation Committee (1983-2001), and Chairman of the IOC Marketing Committee until 2001, in the process making the IOC one of the most successful sport organizations in the world. TIME called “the relentless Dick Pound” the “prime mover in freeing the Olympic world from the taint of illicit, performance-enhancing drugs, and he isn’t going to stop until he has all the world’s sports in the tent.”

Pound has been a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for over 25 years and has served as a member of the IOC Executive Board, vice-president, and acting president. Inside Dope puts the issue of doping in sports into context: why it has become such a problem; the role of drug companies, big business, doctors and trainers; testing and the battle to stay ahead of the users; WADA as the world’s watchdog; standards and the future of doping and sports. In 1999, he was made the seventeenth chancellor of McGill University.

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c46048

DUBLIN, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c46048) has announced the addition of Inside Dope: How Drugs Are the Biggest Threat to Sports, Why You Should Care, and What Can Be Done About Them to their offering.

Born in Canada in 1942, Pound began his athletic career as a competitive swimmer. At the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, he was a double Olympic finalist, finishing fourth in the 400 meter medley relay and sixth in the 100 meter freestyle. With implications far beyond the sports arena, Inside Dope examines the genesis of doping in sports as well as in the world of doctors and trainers; drug testing and the battle to stay ahead of users; drug companies and big business; and the role of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as watchdog.

Recently, there has been much controversy over the issue of doping in sports, and the BALCO scandal has brought it to the forefront. In 2005, he was named by TIME magazine as one of the TIME 100, the world’s 100 most influential people. He is currently a partner in the law firm Stikeman Elliott. Written by a former Olympian, an IOC official, and a passionate advocate of fair play in sports, this eye-opening book takes a candid look at testing standards and the future of doping and sports and the larger issue of how doping affects the public perception of athletes.

An IOC insider speaks out on creating a drug-free sports culture

Pound was educated in Montreal, receiving degrees in commerce and law from McGill. Doping goes to the core of the ideals that we hold about sports, our heroes, and what parents want for their children
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A few do’s and don’ts when betting on football accumulators

Here’s my guide:

When picking your teams it is often easy to just go for a team to win and forget about the other result, a draw. Looking back on it if i was a neutral then i probably wouldn’t have picked them. It’s easy to have have a blinkered view when it comes to your team.




If you aren’t enjoying betting on sporting events then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. The cold, hard fact is that if you’re betting on accumulators then it’s pretty likely that you’re going to lose, however, if you follow the steps above then i believe you will eliminate some of the most common mistakes made when making your selections. If you feel the need to bet on quite a few teams then i’d suggest a low stake as the chances of winning are incredibly small.


Now most online bookmakers will guarantee the best odds so i don’t pay too much attention when i read that. Don’t get sucked in by this as they are just as likely (or unlikely) as everyone else to pick a winning accumulator. There are my top 10 tips for gambling on football accumulators. What this is, is a few tips on what to do and what not to do when betting on football accumulators, no guarantees, no 99.9% accuracy nonsense, just things that in my opinion you NEED to know and realise before even attempting to place your bet. It’s not a way to make an extra income (although it does feel great when you win) If the enjoyment has gone then it only spells trouble.


If a team is 1/7 to win then i don’t even consider it as there is absolutely no value in them. If you can’t walkaway then you shouldn’t be betting.

Now let me start by telling you that this isn’t some great fool proof betting system that never fails as they simply don’t exist. Feel free to leave any comments below.


Now and again you will see ex footballers giving their advice on who to pick and who to stay clear of. Back your own judgement, nobody elses.



When betting on football i only bet on teams and leagues that i know about. A pointless bet in my opinion.

It’s easy to get carried away when filling out your betting slip as you watch the odds rise, sometimes you almost convince yourself that you can’t lose. If you do lose your money then walkaway, it’s as simple as that. Just because they used to play the game means nothing. I always pick a 4 team accumulator of 4 draws amongst my bets as the odds for a match finishing all square rarely goes below 2/1.


DON’T LISTEN TO THE “EXPERTS”. So there it is. It’s pointless me betting on the Argentinian league or the Brazilian league as i wouldn’t have a clue what i was doing, So i just normally stick to the English leagues, as it’s easier for me to spot a bet that i think is good value.

If you look through the paper and fancy a certain team then make sure you pick them. I tend to stick with 4 or 5 teams at the most, even then it’s hard enough. They add very little to your overall winnings and there is always the chance that they can let you down and not even win at all. The chances are that if you don’t they will win and the team you chose in their place at the last minute will let you down. Set yourself a limit before you start betting, a figure that you know you can afford to lose. You can often talk yourself around to the idea of betting on someone else, and in my experience it only leads to disappointment. The reason for this is i have included them before and they have been the only team to let me down on more than one occassion. Also if you don’t fancy a team in the first place then don’t change your mind. Go with your initial instinct.

I make a point of never including my beloved Stoke City in any of my accumulators. Gambling to me is a form of entertainment, just like going to the cinema is for other people. I thank you for reading and i hope you found this hub helpful. What i pay attention to is their special offers when signing up and what they offer customers on a regular basis. When there is money at stake you want to know that you can get hold of the company in question and get the help you require.

Ok so this is an obvious one but it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment. Also it’s good to scour the internet to see what people make of a certain bookmakers customer service help lines

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UEFA Champions League 2013/14 Group Stage

Round of 16 – Draw held on December 16th

2013 UEFA Champions League – Schedule

The season will run from September 2013 through May 2014, when the Final take place, and you can see the schedule for the group stage below:

The competition brings together the best teams in Europe for an incredible showcase of talent, skill, teamwork and passion.

On each Matchday, every team will play another team from their group, earning pots for a win or draw. At the end of the group stage, the top two teams from each group with the most points advance.

Matchday 1 – 17-18 September 2013 – Complete – See Standings Below

Matchday 2 – 1-2 October 2013 – Complete – See Standings Below

Matchday 3 – 22-23 October 2013 – Complete – See Standings Below

Matchday 4 – 5-6 November 2013 – Complete – See Standings Below

Matchday 5 – 26-27 November 2013 – Complete- See Standings Below

Matchday 6 – 10-11 December 2013 – Complete- See Standings Below

The UEFA Champions League is an annual tournament that puts the best club teams in Europe against each other in a season long competition. It first started way back in 1955, and is one of the biggest stages for players and clubs to compete on.

The 2013 Final, between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, had a TV audience of 360 million worldwide.

Effervescent Mystique – 181/190 – Gather.com : Gather.com

The couple sent the internet buzzing when Mesnick told Malaney during theAfter the Rose episode of his season as The Bachelor that hed

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Michael Blosils, 18, funeral services were held on March 18, 2010 in Provo. LaRose is accused of recruiting militants online

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2010 Oscars/Academy Awards Winners List:

2010 Oscars/Academy Awards Winners List: Best Picture Hurt Locker Best Director Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) <take that cameron!> Best Actress in a Lead Role Sandra

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Former Alaska Gov. Tron Legacy will have original Tron actions Jeff Bridges resurrecting his role of Kevin, the computer-programming

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<img class=

New Delhi: History was made on March 9 when he Rajya Sabha, the upper House of the Parliament in India passed the Womens Reservatio Bill. Sarah Palin said, My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse Believe it or not this was in the

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. Blosil is Marie Osmonds adopted son and was only 18 when he committed suicide while in Los Angeles. Mariah Carey photo credit: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/gadgets/slideshows/5314/slide_5314_72899_large.jpg?1268129637992

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Senator Roy Ashburn Admits He IS Gay Homosexual to Radio Host Inga Barks

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Physician and five-time Sierra Club president, Edgar Wayburn dies at the age of 103. His confession follows his DUI arrest as he was leaving Faces Nightclub

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Rapper Lil Wayne Sentenced to One Year in Jail Over Gun Possesion

On Monday Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter pleaded guilty on a gun possession charge and was sentenced to one year in jail.

I’m bringing the Hollywood Gab and the Absurd: Crotch Shots, Nip Slips, Upskirts, Sex and Turd Stories and oh yeah, all that unnecessary smut you wanna read but don’t tell people you’ve read.

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TMZ is reporting that law enforcement has told them The President and Chief Operating Officer of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was found dead today, with an apparent self-inflicted gun

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Seattle Seahawks Seneca Wallace Dealt to Cleveland Browns

The Seattle Seahawks have traded Seneca Wallace, their backup quarterback, to the Cleveland Browns. Sarah Palin Crossed Border for Canadian Health Care” />

During a speech in Calgary, former Alaska Gov. Brown shot and

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Tron Legacy, is 2010s 3-D sequel to the 1982 science-fiction film, Tron. Sarah Palin Crossed Border for Canadian Health Care” title=”Former Alaska Gov

Bayern-Dortmund Champions League final spells trouble for Bundesliga?

Extraordinarily, a loan from Bayern played a part in Dortmund’s survival — with $2.5 million handed over to help stave off bankruptcy.

Dortmund’s path back to solvency and success has been paved by Klopp’s highly astute signings, such as Poland striker Lewandowski, as well as his trust in talented graduates from the club’s youth academy, like midfielder Nuri Sahin.

The biggest obstacle to change in Germany may come from those very supporters, many of whom view the English Premier League with disdain, given that they see themselves at the center of a club’s structure.

The Bundesliga boasts some of the world’s finest stadia, and its commitment to safe standing areas has helped enable clubs to keep prices low, as well as creating the boisterously vibrant atmosphere that characterizes top-flight games. I’m not worried.”

For Wolter, the key to success lies in a combination of youth and prudence.

“You look at a team like Freiburg, they have a good academy, a good coach; it’s still possible (to be successful). and these academies are profit centers,” he says.

But while the cheapest season tickets represent superb value, if fans turn up on match day looking for tickets then the story is rather different. “But it’s not all about money. It’s a friendly family atmosphere here, with men, women, children, pensioners, it’s a different way.”

Germany’s often raucous fans are, however, part of the fabric of the Bundesliga experience.

Eight years ago it was on the brink of financial ruin, missing rent payments on its stadium and facing crippling losses.

After promotion in its first season, followed by two years in German football’s fourth tier, its plans look to be on track as the club prepares to contest the playoffs for another promotion in June.

Read: Bayern give Heynckes winning Bundesliga farewell

It’s not hard to see why Bayern and Dortmund have become so omnipotent both at home and abroad.

“Two great managers, two teams that almost mirror each other in the way they play, the way they attack, the way they defend without the ball,” former Bayern midfielder Owen Hargreaves told CNN. At the last vote on changing this rule, back in 2009, only Hannover 96 voted to scrap it.

The German system is geared towards preventing the influence of a rich benefactor from skewing the competition, but some argue that it will only serve to perpetuate the status quo.

Hannover has now won concessions in its attempt to change the “50+1″ rule, and these will allow sponsors with a long-term relationship with a club — more than 20 years — to take a stake in it.

However club fans are already protesting about these changes, perhaps anxious at the advantage such a move might give their rivals.

“The next five years will be interesting,” said Dykes.

Arguably the competition is beginning to resemble anything but. Ultimately the overall product of German football would suffer.”

Dortmund revival

Not content with running away with the Bundesliga this season, Bayern are already laying plans to dominate next season, notably with the appointment of former Barca coach Pep Guardiola — who guided the Catalonia club to 14 trophies in four years — to take over from Jupp Heynckes.

“Bayern have only conceded something like 15 goals, which is ridiculous in a full season,” he added.

Those seeking a balance between these sometimes awkward bedfellows will often point to Germany and the Bundesliga. Story highlightsBayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to contest Champions League finalGerman football’s Bundesliga is often held up as ideal league modelIts “50+1″ ownership rule viewed as key to stability for its clubsBut have Bayern and Dortmund created “duopoly” endangering that stability?Most fans would agree that a great football league needs some key ingredients: skilful players, excitement and drama on the pitch; and off the field, passionate supporters and owners who love and understand the game.

“The intention of the rule is to secure the league’s integrity against short-term investment, I think everyone understands that.”

However, Wolter is frustrated at the resistance to RB Leipzig’s owners.

“Red Bull is not a Russian oligarch, or an Arabian sheikh,” he said.

Even Dortmund’s manager Jrgen Klopp has remarked that the league is in danger of becoming boring. We don’t have ‘ultras’ and we don’t need them.

The club’s stadium, the impressive 45,000 capacity Red Bull Arena, is certainly ready.

“We accept this rule,” said RB Liepzig’s managing director Ulrich Wolter, referring to the “50+1″ rule.

Alongside huge television deals — the latest of which could see a record 5.5 billion ($8.3 billion) windfall in broadcasting income — extraordinarily wealthy owners such as Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City have been allowed to spend big for success. It would be difficult under German federal law to ‘ban’ them anyway, so I just can’t see it happening.”

The worry for other Bundesliga clubs must be that the success of Dortmund and Bayern could put them out of sight in the financial and playing stakes; last year Chelsea received an estimated $77 million from winning the Champions League, while beaten finalist Bayern pocketed $53.65 million.

Youth and prudence

However, the notion that a couple of teams might dominate their league is not confined to Germany.

“Spain’s that way, the last three or four years the third or fourth place team, they still play Champions League and they’re 30 points behind,” said Hargreaves. The new television contract has also given clubs more money …

“People look at that possibility and of course it could be bad, but why would it happen? Bayern have always spent big; Dortmund is an exceptional team, but where will they be in three years?

“Players lose form, get injured, things can change quite quickly. “We’re proud of our family and spectators. If Manchester United’s path to the English Premier League title looked like a cakewalk, the German champions could have taken the entire dessert trolley along with them.

“A lot of people in Germany love Bayern and love Dortmund, in the same way as people (in England) love Manchester United or Chelsea,” he added, “but there are a lot of people who root for the underdog as well. With two clubs in Saturday’s Champions League final at London’s Wembley Stadium, high attendances, keenly-priced season tickets, equitable club ownership and the national team on an upward trajectory, German football appears to be in rude health.

This means a club cannot be taken over by private investors. So I think, in a way, it’s a fair balance.”

Read: Why Guardiola will make Bayern better

And Dykes remains unconvinced that a tipping point has been reached.

“It’s too early to be talking about a duopoly,” he said.

“Obviously (Dortmund and Bayern) have the power and the money to buy the best players as Bayern has done again; they’ve signed Gtze for 37 million, and you know, the rich get richer, and that’s just the way that football works,” said Hargreaves.

“People can argue that’s not fair, but they paid a lot of money to Dortmund — and they can invest that money in younger players.”

Read: Bayern complete rout of Barcelona

In England, the Premier League has taken a laissez-faire approach to regulating clubs’ finances.

Dortmund’s hopes of catching Bayern next season have been further jeopardized by the loss of playmaker Mario Gotze, who recently agreed to join the Munich club at the end of this season in a $56 million deal.

Rumors of a Bayern bid for the Bundesliga’s second-highest scorer Robert Lewandowski, whose four goals against Real Madrid in the semis propelled Dortmund to Wembley, suggest a strategy centered on dismantling their only rivals’ chances before next season has even begun.

Read: English Premier League should follow Bundesliga example

The consolation for Dortmund fans is that at least the club has some money to spend to try to keep pace.

Writing in the German tabloid Bild last month, Bayern’s former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn expressed fears that the domination of the Munich club and Dortmund — Bundesliga champions in 2011 and 2012 — is here to stay, and that the gulf at the top could widen even further in the future. “People are always talking about cheap tickets, but it can be misleading,” says Dykes. It’s also about education, good background work.”

Nevertheless, as Bayern and Dortmund take the field at Wembley, some may be wondering if, as well as a moment of national pride, this game might also mark a less welcome watershed in German football.

. “The rules have had exceptions to allow for the different ownership structures of teams like Bayer Leverkusen and Vfl Wolfsburg, but Hannover has argued that this leaves them at a disadvantage, and you can see why.”

Read: Football enters space age with ‘Footbonaut’

But how is a booming Bundesliga affecting German football further down the feeding chain?

In the former East Germany, far from the country’s football powerbase, one lowly team’s fortunes are being transformed by Austrian soft drink company Red Bull’s takeover.

Read: Bayern coach celebrates 1,000 games

This year, partly in response to incidents of crowd trouble at games, there have even been whispers that the prized standing areas could be abolished.

“Standing is vital to low ticket prices, but also the atmosphere and the overall product of German football,” said a skeptical Dykes.

“The league realizes that and I can’t see the standing areas being given up.

Formerly known as SSV Markranstdt, league regulations prevent the club using the Red Bull brand in its name, so it settled on RB Leipzig instead; but there is no ambiguity over the power driving it forward, with a reported planned $128 million investment to take the club to the Bundesliga by 2017.

Shinji Kagawa, signed for just $300,000 from the Japanese second division, was sold to Manchester United for $17 million, while Sahin joined Real Madrid for $12.8 million.

“It’s getting better,” says Wolter. “We’ve shown elsewhere that we’re about a strong, sustainable investment and commitment. If we’re still talking about those two in a few years’ time, or Bayern are still miles ahead, then it would be a worry. “Success comes and goes.

“Of course standing tickets are cheap, as you would expect; but once these go, and they’re usually in demand, the ticket prices at the top end are broadly comparable to those in England.”

In fact, at $88 the most expensive match-day ticket for Bayern is the same as that at Manchester City, for example — and $9 more expensive than at Manchester United.

But it has been the club’s willingness to part with its top players at the height of their value that has restored Dortmund’s financial health.

“Why is our way the wrong way? What is the difference between our approach and a club with 50 different sponsors delivering the same thing?”

Even so RB Leipzig’s new investors have encountered resistance.

The pitch at its former stadium was attacked with weed killer not long after the takeover, and fans of other clubs can be less than welcoming.

“At Dortmund, the average age is 23, and I think Jrgen Klopp has done such a remarkable job to take that group of players and virtually dominate some terrific European teams.”

Yet among German fans there are concerns.

“Of course the current situation could become unhealthy,” said Stuart Dykes, a Schalke season ticket-holder since 1988, and the supporter liaison officer project consultant at fan ownership campaigning body, Supporters Direct.

“Even Bayern, while obviously delighted to have won the title so comfortably, have talked about it not being in their interests to do it every year.

Arguably Dortmund were unable to mount an effective challenge this season as they saved their best performances for the Champions League.

But the brilliance of both Bayern and Dortmund in their respective semifinal wins against Real Madrid and Barcelona suggests the Bundesliga needs to be wary of an emerging duopoly.

In 2009, Rasen Ballsport Leipzig (better known as RB Leipzig) became the fourth club in Red Bull’s football portfolio, alongside Red Bull Salzburg of Austria, Red Bull Brasil, and the New York Red Bulls of the American MLS. But is it?

In the domestic Bundesliga, Bayern finished 25 points clear of Dortmund and 36 points ahead of fourth-placed Schalke 04.

But these days soccer is also about big business, million-dollar deals and billionaire benefactors lining up to plow money into the game.

But the model in Germany is very different.

Under the league’s “50+1″ rule, Bundesliga clubs must be controlled by their members — with at least 50% of shares, plus one, in their hands

During The Summer People Are Practicing All Kind Of Sports by Sam Avila

. Here there are many football clubs that every year manage to obtain great performances in some of the best football tourneys. Exactly why people enjoy so much to practice them is due to the fact in this manner they are in the position to relax a little bit and also to do some physical exercise. Everything that is required so that you can experience it is a pair of good sneakers, some rudimentary clothes and after this you can think about yourself prepared. There are tons of top notch summer sports however the ones which are some of the best and most popular are usually beach volleyball, jogging, biking, football, tennis. The sport that is definitely really practiced all around the planet is probably football. Folks like to practice it for the reason that it is extremely cheap and accessible. This is surely a fantastic activity. This is a sport which is extremely simple and easy to be practiced. Definitely that you could choose to practice others but you have to take into account that these are seen as being the sports with a extremely high popularity.

The place where football is certainly played at a extremely high level is normally Europe. The beauty of bicycling is the fact that it may be exercised in almost any kind of outdoor environment that you can imagine. There’s a lot of wonderful summer sports. Some of the best teams in Europe usually are Manchester United, FC Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid. A great bike doesn’t cost more and a couple of hundreds of dollars so getting one is certainly not an issue.

Summer is that time of the year that everyone loves. An activity that is fantastic to be practiced through the summer season and that is very helpful when you wish to escape from stress is undoubtedly jogging. Another sport that’s very popular during the summer season is undoubtedly biking. In order to appreciate football all that is important is to get a ball and to have the proper field where to exercise it. These are absolutely some great activities that are excellent to be exercised through the summer season. There are tons of people which prefer to travel but there are also a lot of men and women that enjoy from time to time to practice numerous sports. Every one of these activities are the best suited to be practiced in a outdoor environment. The best thing about this specific sport is the fact that it may be well practiced alone or together with your best mates. It is such a loved and treasured activity because of the fact it is really cheap and easy to practice. In the course of this period men and women enjoy to take part in all type of fun and interesting activities

Cincinnati Celebrates its German Heritage at Oktoberfest

Not called the Worlds Largest for nothing, the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati found its way in the record books in 1994 with 48,000 participants. The festival has been held in downtown Cincinnati since 1976 and has grown steadily over the years. Tens of thousands participate in this annual event to help work off some of that rich German food and beer. The winning dachshund receives a prize and spectators get to enjoy German food and beer as well as a world-class sporting event.

The Germania Society of Cincinnati was founded in 1964 to provide a place for Germans and German Americans in the Cincinnati area to meet and celebrate their heritage. Mainstrasse.org/


Entertainment includes polka music and dancing and, of course, the Worlds Largest Chicken Dance. Taking place the Friday before the festival on Fountain Square, dachshunds from all over the Cincinnati area, each dressed in a provided hotdog bun costume, race 100 feet to their waiting owners. Over 500,000 people attended Oktoberfest Zinzinnati in 2009.

There is plenty of entertainment on hand, with German music and dancing, and magic shows for the children. Streets are lined with tents selling beer and German food of all varieties including brats, metts, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, pretzels and potato salad. Taking place at the clubs headquarters, Germania Park on Kemper Road, the festival features plenty of German food and beer, including full dinners that can be purchased at the clubhouse, as well as food tents selling sausage, limburger cheese and other German food. For dessert there is plenty of strudel, pastry and cream puffs.

Cincinnati is proud of its German heritage and during the months of August and September, the entire city celebrates the German tradition of Oktoberfest with not just one but three festivals taking place in and around the city. Festivities begin with a keg tapping ceremony and there is plenty of German and American food, beer, music ranging from traditional German to rock and country, and over 90 arts and crafts booths on offer.


A parade of lederhosen-clad German American representatives and the traditional tapping of the kegs officially opens the Oktoberfest on Saturday. On Sunday, the Germania Oktoberfest holds a Tug-O-War competition with teams of burly men (and women) trying to win the honour of this traditional show of strength.

Further Information

Enjoy Oktoberfest in CincinnatiWhen the people of Cincinnati start measuring their dachshunds for hotdog bun costumes and practising their Chicken Dance moves, it can only mean one thing that it is time for Oktoberfest.

Mainstrasse Village is a German-style neighbourhood rich in history. It has over 30 shops, restaurants, hotels and pubs and hosts special events throughout the year, including a popular German-style Maifest, antique markets, wine festivals, a Christmas market and of course, Oktoberfest.. This year the Oktoberfest welcomes a very special guest, as Homer Simpson himself arrives in Cincinnati to lead the dance.

Germania Society Oktoberfest, 27-29 August 2010

The Germania Society of Cincinnati has held its “original and most authentic” Oktoberfest since 1971. Possibly more beer, bratwursts and potato pancakes are consumed in Cincinnati during Oktoberfest than in any other city in the country.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, 18-19 September 2010

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati claims to be the second largest Oktoberfest in the world which would make it second only to the world-famous celebrations in Munich. It holds events throughout the year and also sponsors and promotes cultural programmes in the area, including German language schools and German radio programmes.

Mainstrasse Village Oktoberfest, 10-12 September 2010

Just across the river from Cincinnati in Covington, Kentucky, the historic German neighbourhood of Mainstrasse Village hosts its own annual Oktoberfest the weekend after Labor Day. The festival serves authentic German beers, German wine and schnapps.

For those looking to experience some authentic German culture and fun, Cincinnati is the place to be during Oktoberfest season.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati commences with what has become one of its most popular events, the Annual Running of the Wieners. Today, it covers an area of six city blocks, from Race Street to Broadway, devoted to German music, food and beer

Copa del Rey preview — Real Madrid vs. Barcelona — Graham Hunter

25 at Camp Nou.

Although I have never been afraid to admit that some of the ill will between the sides is important to make the dish nice and spicy, there are limits — limits that I believe Jose Mourinho, Pepe and Marcelo ignored last season. We get together for lunch or dinner. He played sparingly from January onward and suffered a relapse on the eve of the Champions League final. Secondly, Pepe and Sergio Ramos are a rapid and effective defensive pairing. Join

For Madrid, the best form of defense has to be attack.

After Barca weathered Madrid’s impressive storm that fell just short of being perfect, Lionel Messi & Co. Mourinho needs to screw his courage to the sticking point and stay true to the Real Madrid philosophy — it’s time to attack, use intelligence, to produce secret reserves of mental and physical energy and to test whether the defensive flaws Barcelona showed in its past two matches were a blip or a pattern.

Graham Hunter is a Barcelona-based freelance writer for ESPN.com who specializes in La Liga and the Spanish national team. So it’s healthy to report that the buildup to these games has been significantly less provocative, angry and accusatory.

The two strikers are approaching 25 goals between them despite alternating as first choice for months. Should Puyol play, Pique, for one, will be delighted. It’s in the center-back position where Pepe does his best work. The three best games of his reign when playing Barca, strangely, do not include the only time he has won (the Copa del Rey final). We will try to dominate possession — keeping the ball is the best defense which exists.”

Obviously, Xavi means that sincerely. “He [Puyol] has had a huge influence over me,” Pique says. That 3-1 win was brutally emphatic despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s two gilt-edged missed chances. “We just need to exchange a look and we understand what to do,” says his center-back partner Gerard Pique. But in April and May, Puyol ushered his team through two draws plus a victory over Real Madrid in the space of 16 days.

Some of the cosseting Puyol has needed this season, being used irregularly, has been the bill to pay for how vital his partnership with Gerard Pique was last spring.

So if Puyol doesn’t take the field alongside Pique on Wednesday night, then either he is injured or Guardiola cares a great deal less about the Copa del Rey than about La Liga or the Champions League. Moreover, if that partnership is broken up, the pairings that are left, especially given Alvaro Arbeloa’s absence through suspension, are significantly second-best.

ESPN FC on Twitter

Don’t miss a moment of the latest soccer coverage from around the world. You can reach him on Twitter at twitter.com/BumperGraham.

Possession, in that case, is more than nine-tenths of the law.

But Barcelona has to defend old-school-style, too. Perhaps it’s time they were united in the team and Madrid showed some daring. Carles is an example for young and old alike.

Graham Hunter is a Barcelona-based freelance writer for ESPN.com who specializes in La Liga and the Spanish national team. At the Bernabeu last month, Guardiola’s team used its default style to first blunt and then destroy Real Madrid after falling behind to the fastest goal in Clasico history.

[+] EnlargeCarles Puyol

Javier Soriano/Getty ImagesCarles Puyol helped his side defeat Real Madrid 3-1 in the league in December.

It never happened.

From that moment on, Mourinho has patently learned something.

Then there was the matter of defending Real Madrid’s interests, defending its name. Our chemistry has always been good and our friendship goes way beyond the dressing room. But the more the snarling attitude led to red cards, and as the opprobrium rained down, the less likely Madrid looked like besting its rival. Ditto Wembley 2011. Follow us on Twitter and stay informed. Things ran out of control.

[+] EnlargePepe

Javier Soriano/Getty ImagesPepe is a beast at the back, but when he’s deployed in midfield he tends to lack self-control in tackling. Gonzalo Higuain was largely unavailable to Mourinho last season because of injury, but he looked effective in the Champions League and had a good goal disallowed. Although Karim Benzema has scored three times in his past three Clasicos, it’s a mystery to me why Higuain, a leader, a fighter and a scorer, has only “enjoyed” 72 minutes of the past 270 against Barca.

What caught my attention was when Xavi addressed the media Sunday in the aftermath of Barca making hard work of beating a bold and inventive Real Betis side 4-2 in one of the best matches of the season. Can he really afford to ignore the maxim that attack is the best form of defense? Can he really afford another flop against Barcelona? We shall see. The essence of Xavi’s thinking was borne out: If you maintain the ball, using it to jab and torment, the opponent will succumb 99 times out of 100.

Over to the Special One. No, the 1-1 Champions League second-leg match in Barcelona that Madrid could easily have won, plus the 2-2 and 3-2 Spanish Supercup games, are the encounters in which Madrid was bold, pressed and harassed as the players streamed forward with attacking hunger.

In Spanish, they call it “tu a tu.” In English, we’d say “me and you,” or “going toe to toe.”

Each time the margins have been infinitesimally small, Madrid came away having given, in a football sense at least, a tremendous account of itself.

Pepe has been offering himself up to play in midfield again this week and I pray, for the sake of the game and for the sake of Real Madrid’s reputation, that (A) Mourinho does not take that regressive step; and (B) if he does, that Pepe attempts to avoid his tendency to show all the self-control of a fox in a chicken coop. “It’s like having my brother in the dressing room. Not so much now because we’ve been winning for three years, but during the period [when] we weren’t winning, it was very tough to be captain.”

So now on to the thornier subject of how Real Madrid “defends” against Barcelona.

Last season, Mourinho began to look a little like Mickey Mouse in the “Fantasia” version of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Tired of being beaten by Barcelona (Mourinho had faced the Catalans 16 times with Chelsea, Inter and Madrid, winning only three), he had the bright idea of turning his defensive strategy into something close to unarmed combat.

Just before two teams that have already scored 203 competitive goals between them this season do battle once again, it might seem strange to talk about defense rather than glory in their extravagant attacking power. All that has deepened our defensive partnership to the extent that we just need to exchange a look and we understand what to do.

First of all, Madrid’s image doesn’t need more of the damage it received last spring. used the ball to tire and then toy with Madrid. Let’s not make any bones about that.

Last season, the return of Carles Puyol against Madrid from a long injury that eventually required knee surgery was little short of heroic. But that’s the groove I’m in right now.

The Copa del Rey has paired holder Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona again, this time in the quarterfinals, just as it did for an epic, bruising and ultimately deeply significant final in April.Los Blancos won that night at the Mestalla, and I, for one, was hugely pleased for one of football’s all-time greats, Iker Casillas, after he finally lifted the trophy that had eluded him for so long.

Now we can enjoy two more Clasicos over the next eight days with all the operatic drama they unerringly present. Over the past week, both Espanyol (1-1) and Real Betis (4-2) have shown that if you really give Guardiola’s men a chasing, close them down high up the pitch, produce endless energy and play with intelligence, you can both score, and — given Madrid’s quality of footballers — even win.

No doubt, Barcelona almost always raises its game on arrival in the vicinity of the Santiago Bernabeu, and no doubt that a month ago, Madrid ended up looking like a pale and pathetic shadow against the Spanish and European champions. The first one is Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu, and the return leg is Jan. He’s been captain for a long time, which is a pressurized position in a club like this. But that should have no influence this week. In Rome against Manchester United, Barca made good on Sir Alex Ferguson’s prophecy that they can “kill you with their passing” while winning the 2009 Champions League. As the little Catalan maestro turned to face yet another Madrid episode in his extraordinary career, he said: “We will go to the Bernabeu and try to be the main protagonists in the match.

. It’s the credo he has been taught since before he was a teenager during thousands of training hours in futbol base (youth football) at FC Barcelona — and which, to be fair, is something that has come naturally to him while playing football as a kid in Placa del Progres, Terrassa.

For Barcelona, there have been many times, particularly under Pep Guardiola, when that ethos has soaringly, shiningly proven its efficacy. Mourinho’s “Por que, por que, por que” rant, in which he seemed on the verge of blaming everyone from John Wilkes Booth to Mother Theresa for how referees treated his team, was the low point of the 12 Jose-versus-Pep contests we have seen between Barca on one hand and Inter or Real Madrid on the other.

But for many born-and-bred Madrilenos and Madridistas, the unpardonable sin was renouncing attack, verve and ambition in the 0-2 Champions League semifinal defeat at the Bernabeu last season.The concept of defense that day was to deploy as the seek-and-destroy attack dog in midfield, cede possession to Barca and play rope-a-dope until the Spanish champions tired so that they could be picked off by a couple of fresh subs

Sylvie Meis

Retrieved 2015-01-10Sylvie’s interview in English with Dutch subtitlesExternal linksWikimedia Commons has media related to Sylvie van der Vaart.Sylvie van der Vaart at the Fashion Model DirectorySylvie Meis at the Internet Movie Database(German) Official websiteSylvie Meis on FacebookVideo: Commercial shot for Hunkemller behind the scenes // SERENA GOLDENBAUM BEAUTY 2014-12-01 20:01Retrieved from “https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sylvie_Meis&oldid=676075698″

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sylvie Franoise Meis[2] (born 13 April 1978) is a Dutch television personality and model, also popular in Germany.

Contents1 Career1.1 Netherlands1.2 Germany2 Personal life3 References4 External linksCareerNetherlands

Aged 18, Meis decided that she wanted to be a model and was cast for various shoots by casting agencies. October 4, 2014. Retrieved 18 October 2010.^ “Ehe kaputt – Schlge in der Silvesternacht”. She has finished post-op chemotherapy and is cancer free. Due in part to the fame from their individual careers, they soon become the Netherlands’ most famous “football couple”. 8 July 2006.^ Sylvie van der Vaart is her common name in the German media. She hosts several events at TMF, such as presenting the annual TMF-awards, and conducting interviews with international artists such as Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue. Retrieved 14 July 2011.^ (Dutch) News article on Dutch Indo website. NewsMosh. But Holland’s answer to Posh and Becks then announced that their seven year marriage was over^ “Sylvie Meis met her new love”. 17 April 2010. Newerfeed. Retrieved 14 July 2011.^ Sylvie and Rafael Van der Vaart Official^ a b “Wife’s Cancer Kept Van Der Vaart In Madrid”. On 10 June 2005, Sylvie married Rafael and on 28 May 2006, their son Damin Rafael was born. She is currently taking part in the third season of the German equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing, called Let’s Dance. Kevin Masters Show starring Tom Rhodes. Bunte (in German). See transcript in her online wedding book: [2]^ (Dutch) Article: ‘Indo women in Dutch cultural life.’ on Dutch Migration website. MSN (in Dutch). She also introduced the Pure by Sylvie jewellery line to the Dutch market. Some of the media have described the couple as the “new Beckhams” but both of them denied the claims saying that they prefer to just live a normal life.[10]

On 2 January 2013, Sylvie acknowledged their separation[12] after he had struck her in front of their guests.[13] Their divorce was finalized in December 2013. Thereafter, she hosted the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year award ceremony.

On 16 June 2009, she announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had undergone surgery in May 2009. On 17 April 2010, Meis replaced the usual Deutschland sucht den Superstar judge Nina Eichinger for the final of the 7th season, after the latter was stuck in Los Angeles following flight restrictions as a result of the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajkull.[4][5] In March 2011 Meis was going to host the show Let’s Dance together with Daniel Hartwich.

Sylvie had been in a relationship with footballer Rafael van der Vaart since 2003. rtl.de. 17 April 2010. After her husband’s 2008 transfer to Real Madrid, the van der Vaarts moved to Spain. 17 April 2010. Die Welt (in Dutch). 2 January 2013. Retrieved 2015-01-10. The Himalayan Times. Australian FourFourTwo. “Tom Rhodes Interviews Sylvie van der Vaart”. After becoming interested in television, she gained popularity through assignments at FoxKids and music station TMF. In addition, she features in video clips and the Dutch TV-series Costa. Die Welt (in German). October 2, 2014. Now she is well and the only thing that happened was that Madrid wanted to sell and I wanted to get back to enjoying playing football, and Tottenham are a great team that are going to give me the football opportunities that I need.”[11]

Following in the footsteps of famous entertainers such as Johannes Heesters and Rudi Carell, Meis is one of the most successful Dutch personalities active in Germany.[6]

Personal life

Sylvie is of partly Indo-European descent, her father being Indo, her mother being Belgian.[7][8][9]

After being elected the Netherlands’ Sexiest Female in 2003,[3] she started a relationship with then-AFC Ajax footballer Rafael van der Vaart. Last season, they wanted me to leave but I couldn’t leave for that reason. Their fame grew after their marriage on 10 June 2005 and live coverage of the wedding on SBS6, a Dutch television channel, with the broadcast gaining high ratings in the Netherlands; Sylvie took Rafael’s last name, van der Vaart.


Meis and her ex-husband moved to Germany when he left Ajax to play for Bundesliga football club Hamburger SV. Retrieved 17 April 2010.^ “Asche ber Europa: Vom Vulkan-Ausbruch zum Verkehrs-Chaos”. Netherlands: RTL Nederland. Stern (in German). She officially lives in Germany where her divorce is about to be announced.[1]^ “Jurymitglied Sylvie van der Vaart”. Retrieved 2014-11-24.^ “Sylvie Meis: has relationship with American businessman”. Retrieved 2014-11-24.^ Rhodes, Tom; Sylvie van der Vaart (2009-08-21). 3 January 2013. In the summer of 2009, Real Madrid wanted to sell Rafael van der Vaart, but the player decided to stay in Madrid because Sylvie was undergoing cancer treatments there.[11] A year later, upon his move to England, Rafael stated “She had a very serious illness and it is true that she had to be treated at the Clinica Quiron. Retrieved 7 April 2011.^ (Dutch) Sylvie is quoted saying: “Ik heb namelijk Indisch bloed.” in Dutch newspaper article (Telegraaf). Now she has an affair with Samuel Deutsch, a businessman from New York.[14][15]. Retrieved 17 April 2010.^ “Nederlanderse-entertainer-sin-Duitsland”. 4 September 2010. Retrieved 2 January 2013.^ “Marriage crumbles after Rafael hits Sylvie van der Vaart”. She is fluent in English[16] and German.

References^ a b c d e “Sylvie van der Vaart weegt 44 kg.”. Since 2008, she has been a judge on Das Supertalent, the German version of Simon Cowell’s Got Talent series. 6 September 2011.^ “Sylvie van der Vaart wird heute DSDS-Jurorin Nina Eichinger ersetzen”

Would Chelsea FC have won the CL this season if Diego Costa was fully fit?

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Masahiro Tanaka has partially torn UCL – New York New York Yankees

“The recommendation on the treatment is a rehab protocol that would begin with one PRP injection and a throwing program after an exercise routine. The ligament tear in question is considered small and we, the Yankees, have had success with pitchers that have had this.”

With Ivan Nova (Tommy John) already out for the year and C.C. Sabathia and Michael Pineda on the disabled list indefinitely, it appears unlikely that the band-aided rotation will keep the Yankees in contention, making it plausible that the 25-year-old’s rookie season could be finished.. He had also tossed three complete games in his first 18 starts and had been named to the American League All-Star team.

Cashman indicated that this was a new injury, and not one that showed up when Tanaka took his physical prior to signing a seven-year, $155 million contract with the Yankees during the winter after spending seven seasons in Japan with the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

After taking a trip to Seattle to visit team physician Dr. Instead, Tanaka will receive a platelet rich plasma injection and begin a rehab program that could put him back on a mound in six weeks.

However, if the rehab protocol fails, Tanaka will be forced to undergo Tommy John surgery to repair the injury.

In his first season pitching in the United States, Tanaka held a 12-4 record with a 2.51 ERA. If forced to have Tommy John surgery, Tanaka would effectively be knocked out of action for 12-18 months, which would keep him off a mound in New York until 2016.

“All three are in agreement with a diagnosis of a new injury; a partially torn ligament in his throwing arm,” Cashman told reporters. Christopher Ahmad and two other specialists, New York Yankees star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka has been diagnosed with a partially torn UCL in his pitching elbow, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters on Thursday.

Cashman indicated that all three doctors have agreed that the tear is relatively tiny, and none of the three believe surgery to be necessary to repair the injury, at least not yet